Favorite Graphic Novels of 2014

Favorite Graphic Novels from 2014

My first was actually from late 2013 (October), but I wanted to be sure to give it some love. Nonfiction in the graphic novel format is such a great idea. This title is the ideal companion for novels set in the Dust Bowl (like Esperanza Rising)

Great American Dust Bowl

I reviewed this one in April!

This is probably my favorite that I read so far this year

The Stratford Zoo Presents: Macbeth

Come on - a group of animals at a ZOO puts on Shakespearean drama? What's not to love about that?

Full review:

It's a memoir - it's nonfiction - it's filled with bunnies.... it's

El Deafo
My students already adore it. I can't keep it on the shelf! It's so nice to see them enjoying a graphic novel that can also help them learn to be more compassionate to those around them. Cece Bell did a marvelous job sharing her experiences with hearing loss as a child.

Zita has been a personal favorite of mine since the very first book came out. She's energetic, courageous, and resourceful. She teaches us about friendship, taking risks, and trust. I love how this series gets kids excited about science fiction and gives them some really cool vocabulary, too!

Return of Zita the Spacegirl

(I didn't do a full review of this one, but I did review book 2 - Legends of Zita - on my blog when it came out.

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Interested in my favorites I read in 2014 that were published in other years?

What about my favorite picture books from this year?

Middle grade novels rock!

Still to come:
YA Novels


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