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The Lost Girl by Anne Ursu Blog Tour

As I was beginning to mentally process what I wanted to share about this amazing book, there was a flurry of social media activity about it. Anne Ursu posted a lovely photo of a stack of author copies of Lost Girl and received a response of “Excellent. But how do we keep boys reading?”. That response was from a man - but I have seen similar thoughts expressed by women. This exchange prompted a storm of responses, and I think it is important to remember one vital thing… BOYS CAN AND SHOULD READ BOOKS THAT CENTER GIRLS. Oh, I’m sorry --- was I shouting? Yes…. yes…. I was shouting. Will boys read books about girls? Yes… yes they will. As long as WE don’t make it an issue. How do we book talk a book? Do we say “This is a book girls will like?” If so… we need to knock that crap off. So - how could you book talk Lost Girl in a way that will interest your readers? “The Lost Girl is about a set identical twins. Twins who support each other. Twins who are identical only in ap