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Super Powers - Activate!

(I'm moving old posts over to my current blog host. This one originally posted July 30, 2011) A common conversation starter in certain circles (yes, the geeky circles) is “what would you choose as a mutant/super power?” I’ve gone through many possible choices over the course of my life. Sometimes I want to be able to heal like Wolverine. I’m not really much of a risk taker, though, so that would be wasted on me.  Other times I think it would be cool to shoot freakin’ lasers out of my eyes like Cyclops. That would be especially handy when jerks cut me off on the highway. While it probably doesn’t count as a super power, I’d love to be as freakishly intelligent as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark (and their financial well-being would just be icing on the cake!) Some popular powers have never been on my list. I’ve never wanted to be able to fly.   I’ve always been slightly acrophobic, and it has continued to get worse as I get older. I would cover all of downtown Metropolis in unpleasa

Breaking Out of a Rut

(I'm moving old posts from my old blog host site so they are all in one place. This one originally launched July 26, 2011) I’ve been thinking a bit recently about trying to “branch out” from what I normally experience. I was combing the internet looking for information on elementary and young adult literature for my classroom, and I came across a blog that had a simple challenge – Read Outside Your Comfort Zone . Sounds simple enough, right? I generally read science fiction and fantasy novels, occasionally branching out a bit into some realistic or historical fiction.  Coincidentally   I had just committed to trying my hand at reading and reviewing some graphic novels for a friend’s site. I’ve never really gotten into that literature format, and I felt like it was a bit of a hole in my “geek cred”. So this challenge seemed like a perfect fit. I was blessed to snag  The Last Dragon , written by Jane Yolen and published by Dark Horse Comics as my first graphic novel to review. 

Procrastination Bites Me Again

(Moving posts over from my old blog host. This one originally posted July 25, 2011) At our house, procrastination is a fairly well established habit. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we get so busy that we often just forget to plan ahead. Two jobs, two boys, multiple sports, cub scouts– things like remembering to schedule a dentist appointment just don’t always hit the top of the priority list. Of course, when you are surrounded by the kinds of families who DO plan ahead, the result is often quite frustrating. My dentist, for example, only has one Saturday a month of appointments. We were really consistent for a long stretch. (Most likely because we didn’t have quite so many activities) We’d schedule the next two visits while at that visit, and things went smoothly. Until, of course, the first snafu. One of those lovely Saturdays fell on a major Cub Scout event. Tony managed to get the boys in for a cleaning, but only because he has a pretty flexible schedul

Puff the Magic Tradition - Encouraging Sensitivity in Boys

(Moving my blog posts from the old host. This one originally posted July 22, 2011) As a mom, I know all the advice says not to pigeonhole my children into categories. If you label a child as the “sporty” one or the “shy” one, it causes all kinds of problems. Kids have trouble breaking into a sibling’s special area, or unhealthy competition ensues. In spite of that, it’s also true that they have unique personalities. I’ll admit, it’s usually Older who surfaces as the “sensitive” child. He noticed the feelings of others from a young age, gets anxious when characters in movies make poor choices, and becomes visibly upset when even gently corrected. Younger is prickly about looking foolish, and a bona fide momma’s boy, but isn’t nearly as emotionally open as his brother. That is why I was almost shocked a few nights ago, when Younger pointed out a book on his shelf and declared, “I can never read that book without crying.” I was so touched by his simple declaration and honesty. We

Blank Page - The Intimidation Factor

(This is the final post I needed to move over here, and the very first post I wrote. So it's official - Blog Date 0 is July 20, 2011) Wow - a blank screen isn't any easier to handle than a blank piece of paper.  So I guess this is where it begins. As the title of my blog states, my posts are likely to be fairly eclectic in nature - because I am. I'm the mother of two wonderful but exasperating sons. I'm a wife who adores being married to her best friend. I'm a teacher of gifted learners. I'm a "wannabe" writer, who rediscovers her love for words periodically. I'm someone who hasn't really decided yet what she wants to be when she grows up. (Anyone want to give me some advice?)  Right now, I'm loving being home with my children but also remembering why I'm not a full time stay at home mom. My posting over the summer is likely to be filled with reflections on parenting and preparation for my work year. Honestly, though, I'm st