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Must Read in 2014 Third Quarter Update

Third Quarter Update!   I had 36 books selected as my "must read in 2014". In the first quarter of 2014 I completed 17 of those titles. Since I finished almost half of my choices in the first quarter, I added a few more titles (I'm now at 44). As I finish out the third quarter, I'm a bit concerned that I might not actually finish all 44.... but I've already started to collect books for my Must Read in 2015 list! Maybe a few 2014 will have to migrate. I guess I'm okay with that.  You can view the whole list on my  Goodreads page here . Check out my  First Quarter Update  (some really amazing books!) Check out my Second Quarter Update (more great books!) While I did feel like my pace slowed, I ended up completely a decent number of titles this last three months.  JULY READS: Only 2 (that we know of) creatures with Y chromosomes survived a mysterious plague..  Graphic novel collecting some very odd events. It didn't feel very well wrapped up for

It's Monday October 6th

It's Monday! Time to share what I've been reading. Today's post again represents several weeks of reading, not just one. I still haven't gotten myself back to a regular blogging schedule. Be sure to check the Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers sites for more great books to add to your TBR list! Science Fiction Well, SON is on my "must read in 2014 list, so I had to make time to read the whole series. I've read The Giver enough times that I didn't reread it, but I did need a reread of Gathering Blue before I went to Messenger. Lowry is a true master. I was in a bit of a book slump, picking up and putting down books one after another. These two captured and held my attention completely. I just started SON yesterday and I'm already hooked. Delivery of Doom is a silly, fun science fiction for the younger set (third and fourth grade?). Lots of punny humor. The beginning really hooked me but the plot felt like it slowed down mid-boo