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If Elephants Disappeared -- Q&A with Lily Williams

I was so excited to be able to ask Lily Williams some questions for this blog post. It was even better because I was able to set aside some time to have my fifth grade students at ACE Academy (in Austin, TX) create the questions. We read Lily's first two books - If Polar Bears Disappeared and If Sharks Disappeared . Then we looked at some of the information on her author site to give us better ideas for questions. My students were fascinated. A few made the connection to some of the current activities going on around the world to call attention to climate change, and we had a good discussion about that. I highly recommend all three of these picture book titles. The information is shared in a way that captivates kids and gets them excited about learning. The illustrations are amazing! Here are the questions my students created, along with Lily's answers... Do you use reference photos for illustrating? A. I always do for my If Animals Disappeared series. Even though