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A Dash of Trouble -- Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for a really sweet new middle grade novel! Mmmmmm.... A Dash of Trouble sounds delicious!  (synopsis from the teacher's guide)  Leonora Logroño’s family owns the most beloved bakery in Rose Hill, Texas, spending their days conjuring delicious cookies and cakes for any occasion—and no occasion is more important than the annual Día de los Muertos festival. Leo hopes that this might be the year that she gets to help prepare for the big celebration…but, once again, she is told she’s too young. Sneaking out of school and to the bakery, she makes a startling discovery: her mother, aunt, and four older sisters have in fact been keeping a secret. They’re brujas—witches of Mexican ancestry—who pour a little bit of sweet magic into everything that they bake. Leo knows that she has magical ability as well, and she’s more determined than ever to join the family business—even if she can’t let her mamá and her hermanas know about it yet. And when her