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Batty About Fahrenheit 451 - The Movie

My Batty About Books buddy (@thebrainlair) and I are revisiting our old posts about Fahrenheit 451 as we prepare to read some other classics that we feel tie into the issues facing us today. With the elections in the US bringing real concerns about freedom of speech and authoritarian government styles, we want to read and discuss literature that may help us make sense of it all. We read and watched Fahrenheit 451 in 2012. Next up will be 1984 . Look for that discussion soon! This post is specific to the movie adaptation of the book. TL;DR - read the book instead.... Our posts about the book itself can be found at The Brain Lair Maria's Melange ******** Original Post dated June 2012 ******* from IMDB This week Kathy and I decided to watch the movie version of Fahrenheit 451 and chat about that. It seemed like a fun thing to do. I often have my students watch some or all of a movie adaptation of the books we read. We've watched Wrinkle in Time, the animate

Batty about Fahrenheit 451

Batty About Books!  Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury *** REPOSTING THIS BOOK CHAT WITH ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY*** My Batty About Books partner Kathy and I are very concerned about the current state of our world and country. As part of speaking out against censorship, destruction of knowledge, and authoritarian government styles, we are resharing our Fahrenheit 451 posts and also choosing and discussing some other novels. We plan to start with 1984 and we'll see where that leads us.  This snippet from our discussion below is so incredibly important right now.... " I love that Bradbury ends with hope. No matter how bad things become, there are always monks holding onto the knowledge in the hopes that the next age will want - will need - what we have learned. Kathy: I asked that question in my responses: who is the keeper of knowledge? Now I know. " We are the Keepers of Knowledge. Don't ever stop being a Keeper.. ******* original post below