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Ms. Bixby's Last Day - Teacher Appreciation Blog Tour

Ms. Bixby's Last Day is about an unforgettable teacher. The kind of teacher who inspires, excites, and enthralls. So when the publisher asked me to join the blog tour and said that our focus will be on celebrating OUR "Ms. Bixby", I knew I had to join in. More information about the book and author are below! (I also love this author, and participated in the blog tour for The Dungeoneers , did a quick Q&A with questions from my son when he used Anderson as his author study author, participated in the blog tour and reviewed Sidekicked , and joined the Minion blog tour .)  My school career was filled with enough loving, memorable, inspiring teachers that I had trouble choosing just one. Even this set of names doesn't include the many, many teachers who kept me learning and helped me mature and grow. Younger Years : Mr. Bateman - Fifth Grade My reading choices in elementary school were a bit less than traditional. We had to read and do book reports on