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Must Read in 2016 - The List

It's time to choose the list for this year! Below (in no particular order) are the books I plan to prioritize. There are 32 this year (I had 39 last year). I'm hoping a bunch of them will fit into this year's Pop Sugar Challenge as well.  To add to your own list, be sure to visit the home of the Must Read Challenge - There's a Book for That . Go ahead and join us - there's no set of "rules" to follow. We all hope to read a good chunk of our must read lists... but we understand about needing some wiggle room. 

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge Update 2015

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge - 2015 I took the challenge.... So what did I read?  Challenge Title Author Thoughts more than 500 pages Feed Mira Grant I could NOT put this book down. Only sad that I lost my favorite character.... definitely want to read the rest of this series. Classic romance Rebecca Daphne du Maurier audiobook -- It's so funny what you remember as you reread a book after a few *cough* decades. I remember adoring this book in high school. I still adored it. As I listened, though, I felt way more anxiety for the main character than I did when I read it in high school. I KNEW what was coming... though sometimes it took until the events were almost upon her before I really knew what was about to happen. I also have an older perspective. She's in her early 20s. As a late teen, I didn't really SEE how immature she was. Now I kept thinking, "oh, you poor little lamb". B