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Must Read in 2015 Update

It turns out that when you set reading goals based on the fact that reading is pretty much your ONLY hobby.... and then start a new hobby (crochet).... not all the reading goals get met. Overall, though, I am fairly pleased with the amount of reading I did this year. (My lack of blogging about said reading is an entirely different matter, of course). "Must Read in 2015" List  (Pop Sugar Challenge will be a separate post) I had 39 books on this list. I read 29 of them.... There are four I am still reading (one is a super long audio book, one is a read aloud with my son that I left at home and we are almost done, one is a super long book that I just started) Six are getting added to the 2016 list. I think 2016 will be my year of mostly "catching up" with just a few new books added. Title Author Category Genre Date Read Notes, Awards, etc. Feed Anderson, MT YA Dystopian Nov 2014 ... shhh Not terribly excited by this one.  Poisoned Apples: Poems for You,