Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Picture Books from 2014

Continuing to share my favorite reads from 2014.... this time I'm focusing on picture books.

It was another amazing year for picture books. I did a Mock Caldecott with a group of 5th graders this year. They were passionate about three main titles:

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
The Adventures of BEEKLE
Extraordinary Jane

Here are my favorite picture books from this year:


How to Make a Planet

(reviewed earlier this year http://www.mariaselke.com/2014/09/how-to-make-planet-nfpb-review.html)

Star Stuff

(also reviewed this year - http://www.mariaselke.com/2014/11/star-stuff-carl-sagan-biography-nfpb.html )

My Country 'Tis of Thee

(Wow! I reviewed this one, too! http://www.mariaselke.com/2014/07/my-country-tis-of-thee-nfpb2014-review.html ) 


Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

The winner of my 5th grade Mock Caldecott.

The Adventures of Beekle

Runner up for our Mock Caldecott. I had one kid who was VERY insistent that this one should win. I loved the imagination and adore Santat's work.

(They also gave Extraordinary Jane a Newbery Honor in our Mock Caldecott, but that one didn't quite make the top of my list)

Julia's House for Lost Creatures
Probably MY favorite of the year. Hatke is a delight. (Did he make my graphic novel list too?)

The Most Magnificent Thing
This was really the year for celebrating "Makers". I even set up a full shelf on my Goodreads for titles that honored and encouraged creative expression (drawing, building, creating).

The Angry Little Puffin
I love Timothy Young (I Hate Picture Books rocked). This is so adorable. I have a puffin loving son, so this was the perfect present for him, too!

Interested in my favorites I read in 2014 that were published in other years?

Still to come:
Graphic Novels
MG Novels
YA Novels

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