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Drifters by Kevin Emerson Blog Tour

  Happy Friday the 13th! Yes, I did pick today for my blog tour post. While Drifters isn't horror, it's got enough creepy mojo to make this the perfect day for my post.  I am so excited to highlight Drifters by Kevin Emerson on my blog today! I'm in education, and it's the very end of my school year... so I ended up having to be more "short and sweet" than I would like. But rest assured that I DOVE into this novel with gusto - no drifting for me. More below. About the Book (from the publisher) From the acclaimed author of the Chronicle of the Dark Star comes a riveting mystery, perfect for fans of Stranger Things, about a girl who sets out to find her missing best friend—and discovers her small town is hiding a dark, centuries-old secret. Jovie is adrift. She’d been feeling alone ever since her best friend, Micah, left her behind for a new group of friends—but when Micah went missing last fall, Jovie felt truly lost. Now, months later, the search parties have