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New Comics Reader Week 2

(Moving posts over from my old blog host. This one originally posted Sept 26, 2011) These comics are mostly from my “Week 2”, though a few were hold overs from Week 1 that I hadn’t finished yet.  Sheesh, there are more on this list than I thought. This could be an expensive hobby if I don’t weed out my choices for month 2! Oh – and the  Hooded Woman  search – I love it. Just like everyone else, I’m dying to know who she is! Though I would be amused to no end to find out some rich woman paid a TON to be drawn into all the new 52! Demon Knights  – This is a keeper! I’m a huge fan of Arthurian settings, and I love the characters in this story. It wasn’t originally on my radar, so I’m thankful for my Twitter crew pointing me in the right direction on this one. I appreciate the selection of women in the group. I don’t need to have an all female cast to enjoy a comic, but it is nice to have some in there! Batman  – Another keeper! Yes, I love the Bat. I love his broody na

Heroines at Center Stage - Why I'm even more thankful for Buffy and Batgirl

(I'm moving my older posts over from my old blog host. This one originally posted Sept 24, 2011) I’m trying to make my way in this comics world. I’m new to comics, so I thought this would be a great time to toss my hat into the ring and check out some superhero comics. Dare I say, I was even hoping to find some butt kicking female heroes? (Why yes, women DO read superhero comics, and not just those who have been reading since childhood!) I was excited about this past week, with the first issues of Catwoman and Red Hood being high on my “must read” list. I love the character of Catwoman (mostly from cartoons), and I was looking forward to a great introduction to her series. I’d also heard that Red Hood had a fab female character, so I wanted to hop on board that train as well. Unless you’ve not been following twitter or online at all over the past few days, you know how that went. So, rather than rehash all the (very legitimate) issues with those two females, I thought I’d t

New Comics Reader - DC and Marvel First Impressions

(I'm moving over old posts from my previous blog host. This one posted September 15 2011) I’m a newbie when it comes to reading comics. This summer, I decided to fill the gaping hole in my “geek cred” and dive into comic book reading. The comics industry claims that they are trying to acquire new readers – so I thought I’d give my own little tidbits of feedback. I’ve already read and reviewed (for a friend’s site –  ) some Buffy trades, Dollhouse Epitaphs #3, and the first issue of Buffy Season 9 (loved it). This post is about the DC and Marvel comics I’ve just started to try. Starting out, I have at least one strike against me. As a woman, I know I’m not the “target audience”.  But I’ve seen a lot of comic book movies and cartoons, and I know a decent amount of backstory when it comes to the better known heroes and characters. So I’m not coming in as a complete blank slate. I’ve spent the summer listening in on the chatter about the New 52 and some of the