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Countdown to Heartless Blog Tour

As of the posting of this stop on the Heartless blog tour - there are SIX DAYS left until the book releases into the wild (on November 8th). You still have plenty of time to preorder and snag a copy the very first day it is on the shelves! When I first heard about this Countdown Blog tour, I wasn't sure what each day's task would be. I loved this book enough to happily volunteer as tribute - even if my task ended up being something like "make a picture of a character from Heartless out of M&Ms and hat pins". (True story, that's actually what I said in my email!)  A black heart for Heartless I did participate in many of the other Heartless Countdown activities.... as you can see by some of my favorite photos. My copy of Alice in Wonderland           Tea time with Heartless (and my puppy) Everyone deserves a crown       My assigned task, though, was much easier than handcrafting personalized hats or baking up delectable t