It's Monday April 29th

Just a quickie post today... and I'm sure that many of my normal buddies won't be posting this week. It's "Screen Free Week" - but I'm not really participating. Call me a rebel.
I know that there WILL be other posts at Teach Mentor Texts, so be sure to stop by! 

Not many "wow" books this week... though I did get through two more Newbery books! That takes me to 74. 

If you'd like to see my other posts from this past week:

Tuesday - "Rites of Passage", my Slice of Life post
Thursday - "New to Who - Geekling Edition" A favorite post from the week, where I reflect on what my boys think of Doctor Who so far!
Sunday "Batty About Colossus Rises" - Kathy and I wrap up our discussion.


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