Rites of Passage

Inspired by watching my son cross into Boy Scouts, followed by celebrating a Bat Mitzvah and a Confirmation in the past few weekends.

Rites of Passage

You stand before the crowd.
Proud of your accomplishments,
yet a humble smile lights
your face.

Speaking the language of your
which you chant with
beautiful intonation and grace.

Sharing your insights and
wisdom, your
words and shawl remind us
you are now
as well as student.

This was my second Bat Mitzvah - the first was several years ago. I am honored and privileged to sometimes be invited by my former students (as they generally leave me when they are 11).

I was impressed by the powerful way the Bat Mitzvah shows the community that the young woman has taken a step into adulthood. I especially love how they not only chant portions in front of the entire crowd, but also share their own well researched thoughts about it.  It is so clear that scholarly discussion about the religious texts are not only honored, but eagerly sought out. That's the kind of leaders we need to be training!

Rites of passage have been lost in many cultures, and it's a shame. Having a distinct moment in time when a child steps into the adult world, even they are only taking on some of the full adult responsibilities, helps remind the adults in their lives to let them fly. Celebrating their blossoming maturity is amazing.

My goddaughter celebrated her Confirmation this past weekend, and again I was reminded about how quickly time flies. She is kind, and intelligent, and a gift to the world. I can't wait to see the full flower of the woman she becomes.

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