It's Monday - January 21st

It's Monday - so it's time to review my reading progress for the week!

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Newbery Progress:
I'm proud to announce that I'm finally finished the Fifties!

I really enjoyed Carry On, Mr. Bowditch - as I loved how Nat pursued knowledge and shared it gladly with anyone around who wanted to listen.

Rifles for Watie, on the other hand... whew. If you are on Twitter, you may have been privileged to hear me moan and gripe about it repeatedly. I very nearly abandoned it. As a teen, I had to read All Quiet on the Western Front and it seriously messed me up. Running TOWARD gun fire? Watie had similar parts, and I almost lost my nerve. Then I reminded myself that I forced myself to finish Moby Dick in fifth grade, so I couldn't let Watie beat me. Thankfully, the second half was a huge improvement and there were even parts I liked a lot.

I listened to Maniac Magee. This is a book I've always enjoyed, and I'm considering using it in conjunction with the picture book The Other Side and the novel Lions of Little Rock with my students.

Picture Books: I've started reading a lot more picture books each week, so a collage seemed like a better way to share the love.

Some of my favorites of the bunch included:

Red Knit Cap Girl - I loved the art and the outdoorsy message. Each page was painted on plywood, and the grain of the wood shone through. Lovely!

Infinity and Me - How can you describe "infinity"? This one rates a full review here, check back next week.

A Home for Bird - I loved the illustration and coloring style. This is a great one for helping kids notice little details in the art that help foreshadow and drive the story.

The Henkes books I read because my drama group is going to create dramatic adaptations of some of their favorite picture books. I'll keep you posted on their choices and how it's going!

How could I have missed Z is for Moose in my collage? This is a riot!


This book was awesome! I have the review already written and it will go live on Wednesday.

Graphic Novels:
Curses: Foiled Again
by Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro
Paperback, 176 pages
Published January 8th 2013 by First Second
ISBN 1596436190 (ISBN13: 9781596436190)

I liked this second installment even better than the first. Aliera is a kick butt heroine, and I love her cousin Caroline as well. This book totally counts for my Feminist Reads Challenge.

(BTW, check out the January update for that challenge at
The Hiding Spot)

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And check out this past SciFriday for some information on how to join a Kickstarter for an upcoming science fiction graphic novel! 


  1. Ooh, a graphic novel by Jane Yolen. I will have to check this out.

  2. I just love all of the reading challenges! I love a strong female character, and Jane Yolen, wow! Very cool. Also loved your book buddy post. I must find one of my own...


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