Batty About Books Rides Again

Big thanks to Kathy for creating this lovely collage! 
It's that time again - time to make the selection for our next Batty Book. It's been a busy start to the year, but we are ready to dive into a new selection.

Kathy and I also had a blog post on Nerdy Book Club yesterday where we talked about how Batty About Books started and reflected on some of our favorite (and least favorite) moments of the past year of being book buddies. Stop by and get inspired to get your own book buddy!

Our post at Nerdy Book Club was already really long, so we cut a few things out. One of them was this list of possible ideas of what we could read or focus on next.

Kathy: There are many ways we can go from here!
I know, and that is so exciting to me, too! The best part of having a book buddy is getting encouragement to stretch and grow in unexpected ways. Be sure to come by our blogs to see what we tackle next.

  • Classic Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • MG Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • More reading from the Andre Norton list (do they still do that award?)
  • Addressing our book gaps (I have so many!) I think we all do, Kathy. I know I tend to read science fiction and fantasy to the exclusion of many other types of novels, though I have tried to branch out more this year by following my own genre requirements for my students.
  • Talking more about using the books with students (at least in the last post)
  • Giving more specifics about readalikes
  • Covers (we talked about doing this in the beginning)
  • Diversity
  • Graphic Novels (love your pinterest board!) (Link to my Comics for Kids and YA board)
  • Student Recommendations - maybe 1 or 2 a year?

So - what did we pick next? We decided to choose a book that was on a list at Charlotte's Library blog - Looking for Kids of Color in MG Sci Fi/Fantasy books.  Charlotte's Library has great posts, and a wonderful weekly roundup of middle grade science fiction and fantasy book reviews. Be sure to follow her if that's your thing (or your book gap!)

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities 
By Mike Jung 

Not only is there an Asian boy on the cover, but the story looks wickedly funny. We've read books that had funny parts, but I'm looking forward to one that is meant to be funny all the way to the core.

Don't forget to visit our post at Nerdy Book Club and visit the lovely, newly redesigned blog of my Book Buddy  - The Brain Lair

Any thoughts as to what we should try after this one? 


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