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Once again, I am pleased as punch to be able to share my thoughts -  and highly recommend - a book about Harriet!


HARRIET TELLS THE TRUTH marks the third and final title in the funny and heartwarming middle grade series by Elana K. Arnold that began with JUST HARRIET, and continued with HARRIET SPIES. With this title, readers will return once more to world of Marble Island and its quirky cast of characters.

There are some things you should know about Harriet Wermer:

* She used to lie a lot, but not anymore.

* Seriously, she only tells the truth now.
* Even though she hadn’t wanted to come to Marble Island in the first place, now she doesn’t want to leave.

It’s the truth. With her mom and new baby brother home from the hospital, it’s almost time for Harriet to pack up and head home from Marble Island and all the friends she’s made. But Harriet doesn’t have time to think about that—not when she discovers that Moneypenny, her Nanu’s adorable basset hound, has been poisoned!

Harriet suspects the culprit is one of the guests staying at Nanu’s bed-and-breakfast, and she and her best friend, Clarence, are once again on the case. But when someone else falls ill, Harriet’s going to have to sleuth harder, spy sneakier, and be willing to see that sometimes the truth is more complicated than it seems.

My Thoughts: 

How hard is it to always tell the truth? Are there times when it really, truly, is better NOT to? How can you really miss home and also not want to leave where you are? Can a grownup be super annoying and also worth compassion? Being able to hold two opposite things in your hands and know they are both true can be incredibly challenging for children. Harriet is such a sweet example of the growth and maturity that develops in this age group as they wrestle with the lack of "always true" answers in their lives. 

Beyond that - Harriet is just a delightful little bundle of nervous energy as she navigates friendship, change, and her desire to understand everything about the world around her. Young readers will delight in picking up on little clues for the mystery Harriet is trying to solve and cheer for Harriet as many of the problems she's facing come to positive conclusions in this final chapter of her journey.

Using Harriet in a classroom?

There is a teacher’s guide for all three books that includes:
* A letter from the author
* Discussion questions for each chapter of each book
* Activities of many types (design, writing)
* Science connections

Here are a few other ideas!
*Research safe and unsafe foods for animals (especially around holiday meals) - create a pamphlet or infographic to share.
* Explore unusual ice cream flavors - try some if you dare!

Before you dive into this final installment, be sure to check out the first two books! I shared my thoughts about Just Harriet and Harriet Spies on the blog when they were released. 


Elana K. Arnold is the award-winning author of many books for children and teens including Just Harriet, Harriet Spies, The House that Wasn’t There, Sydney Taylor Book Award winner The Blood Years, Printz Honor winner Damsel, the National Book Award finalist What Girls are Made Of, and the Global Read Aloud selection A Boy Called Bat and its sequels. She is a member of the faculty at Hamline University’s MFA in writing for children and young adults program, and lives in Long Beach, CA, with her husband, two children, and a menagerie of animals. You can find her online at www.elanakarnold.com


Dung (pronounced Dzung) Ho was born and raised in Hue citadel, Vietnam, where she studied graphic design at the Arts University. She is the New York Times-bestselling illustrator of many books for children, including Joanna Ho’s Eyes That Kiss in the Corners and Laura Ruby’s Me and Ms. Too. She finds inspiration in nature: the beauty of plants, flowers, and leaves. She also loves to draw interesting characters with unique personalities. She now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When she’s not drawing, she loves spending time cooking (eating), watching movies, and tending her plants. Visit her at www.behance.net/hanhdungor follow her on Instagram @dunghanhho.


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