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Happy Friday the 13th! Yes, I did pick today for my blog tour post. While Drifters isn't horror, it's got enough creepy mojo to make this the perfect day for my post. 

I am so excited to highlight Drifters by Kevin Emerson on my blog today! I'm in education, and it's the very end of my school year... so I ended up having to be more "short and sweet" than I would like. But rest assured that I DOVE into this novel with gusto - no drifting for me. More below.

About the Book (from the publisher)
From the acclaimed author of the Chronicle of the Dark Star comes a riveting mystery, perfect for fans of Stranger Things, about a girl who sets out to find her missing best friend—and discovers her small town is hiding a dark, centuries-old secret.

Jovie is adrift. She’d been feeling alone ever since her best friend, Micah, left her behind for a new group of friends—but when Micah went missing last fall, Jovie felt truly lost.

Now, months later, the search parties have been called off, and the news alerts have dried up. There’s only Jovie, biking around Far Haven, Washington, putting up posters with Micah’s face on them, feeling like she’s the only one who remembers her friend at all.

This feeling may be far closer to the truth than Jovie knows. As strange storms beset Far Haven, she is shocked to discover that Micah isn’t just missing—she’s been forgotten completely by everyone in town. And Micah isn’t the only one: there are others, roaming the beaches, camped in the old bunkers, who have somehow been lost from the world.

When Jovie and her new friend Sylvan dig deeper, they learn that the town’s history is far stranger and more deadly than anyone knows. Something disastrous is heading for Far Haven, and Jovie and Sylvan soon realize that it is up to them to save not only Micah, but everyone else who has been lost to the world and set adrift—now, in the past, and in the future.


I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things - so the tag line that told me I'd love this book certainly drew me in. Whoever made that connection wasn't wrong. Drifters has that same creepy, mysterious vibe that we get from the series. It also has the deep age-crossing friendships that make Stranger Things more than just a sci-fi creepy masterpiece. 

Drifters has the perfect level of time-wimey twistedness. Readers are sent back and forth through multiple time periods, experiencing the storms of the past and present that are setting people adrift. I love books that make me pause, flip back a few pages, and grin as I confirm the connections I thought were occurring. 

This is also the first book I've read that includes some pandemic references. It's not too much - but it's nice to see our recent reality reflected in some of the experiences the characters face. 

Is it sci-fi? Is it mystery? Is it a story of growing up and learning about mistakes you've made in your friendships so you can make amends? Yes... it is all of that and more. Come along on the adventure with Jovie and Sylvan. You won't regret making this trip. 


Who Will Like It?
Readers who enjoy complex, time busting plot lines.
Readers who enjoy a slow, mysterious build - a nice hearty length book so it's not "over too quickly". 
Readers who love science and thinking about connections between time and space.
Readers who enjoy deep friendships and seeing relationships rebuilt and strengthened.

Science Concepts: Energy Interdimensional Connections Aliens (Or are they? No spoilers here)

Check out my post about another of his books - Fellowship for Alien Detection - which came out in 2013!

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About the Author:
Kevin Emerson is the author of Last Day on Mars and The Oceans Between Stars, as well as The Fellowship for Alien Detection, the Exile series, the Atlanteans series, the Oliver Nocturne series, and Carlos Is Gonna Get It. Kevin lives with his family in Seattle. You can visit him online at www.kevinemerson.net.

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** Note -- I won an advanced copy from the author on Twitter by random chance. This didn't impact my review at all **


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