Must Read in 2015 Second Quarter Update

Time for my quarterly "Must Read in 2015" update!

I put 39 books on my list for this year.

Full List for the Year
First Quarter Update  (Read 12 of the 39)

This quarter went fairly well, though I slowed down more than a little due to my current obsession with amigurumi.

Some AMAZING books on this list, my friends. 

Nonfiction - Adventures in Graphica was filled with fabulous information on teaching comprehension using graphic novels and comics.

Middle Grade - The Dungeoneers is amazing! Fun, fast paced, and adventurous.

Young Adult - Okay, so mostly I read YA for this challenge this past quarter. Glory O'Brien and Aristotle and Dante were the stand out titles. Afterworlds was a intriguing style - weaving the story of a person WRITING a novel in with the actual novel itself. The Body Electric was a fascinating science fiction tale. 


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