Must Read in 2015 -- First Quarter Update

I carefully selected a Must Read in 2015 list. A few titles ended up on the list after NOT getting read in 2014. A few are to help me meet the Pop Sugar Challenge.

For my full list - check out this post:

Read so far...  (12 done of 39) 

Jump started....

I read these two in November 2014. I had already decided to put them on my list, so I'm still counting them.
Feed - Maybe closer to 2.5 - mostly due to the audiobook narrator. I just couldn't take all the "duuuudes" and the valley girl style slang. It's a shame - I was really looking forward to this one. The premise is fascinating, but I didn't feel like the things I really wanted to hear about got expanded on enough.

Poisoned Apples: Fascinating poems on feminism. I loved the fairy tale allusions. As always with a book of poems, some of them I liked better than others. Still, totally worth the time and attention to read these.

January 2015: Just like last year, my first month was extremely productive for this challenge.

Beautiful writing and creepy illustrations were the perfect combination for this retelling.

Surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. Were there unrealistic aspects? Sure. But the hook of "what's going on here?" kept me going. This book was on my book gap list for 2013 AND my Must Read in 2014 list. I FINALLY read it!

I read this one for Cybils too, which is why there wasn't a star rating. I liked it a lot, but wasn't nearly as impressed as everyone else seemed to be. (probably a 3.5)

Listened to this one. I really liked it, but maybe all the extreme praise it got had my expectations too high and it didn't hit "5 star" for me.

Very cool premise. I definitely enjoyed this one, and the description of "Sherlock + Doctor Who" was the hook for me.

So glad I made the time for this title! I listened to it, and Tim Federle was the perfect narrator.

Yet another title I kept meaning to read, and thoroughly enjoyed. I love the fact that this dragon based fantasy won a Schneider!

February: My pace slowed down more than a bit this month. I read a lot, but less from my Must Read list.

Another audiobook. Sometimes the narrator doesn't do it for me - and that was the case with this one. Still, the premise is so fascinating! "EOs" - will they use their power for good or evil?

I LOVE THIS SERIES! *coughs* Sorry, but I really do. The perfect blend of mystical and mythical. I love the boys in this series, and I absolutely adore Blue. The author, though... she's my hero.

Hysterical! Definitely for older teens, as there is some hanky panky. I love the mix of steampunk and a unique twist on vampires, ghosts, and weres.

I'm doing well on the Pop Sugar challenge, too... just a few more categories to go!


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