It's Monday - August 4th

Soo.... yeah... I haven't been doing such a great job on the blogging front this summer. You'd THINK that having more unstructured time would mean I would be MORE likely to get these posts done, right?


I have been busy. I'm tutoring, cleaning the house, and ran a month long online writing camp. Not as busy as during the school year, though. So what's the deal? I wish I knew. Still, I'm going to share some of my favorites from the past month today and hope that I can get back into the swing.

Don't forget to hit the sites of Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers. THEY do a great job of posting frequently and sharing books!

I got hooked quickly on this one (though it had some flaws). Edie wants revenge on high school bullies and is sucked into a world where higher powers scheme and plot. Reminded me a lot of the demon law firm on Angel.

You KNOW I liked this one! Another good tale of fitting in and managing bullies.

LOVED IT! I'm not usually as happy with how authors wrap up their series, but I really loved what Bardugo did here. Excellent young adult fantasy series!

Ahh... Jeffrey Brown. Little kids will love the silly pictures. Big kids will love the Star Wars references that span the entire Star Wars Universe.

McBride has a talent for this kind of urban fantasy. I adore her snarky humor and the worlds she creates. If you like Butcher - definitely grab this and the Necromancer books!

Must Read in 2014 progress

I only read ONE of my "must reads" this past month.... (13 left to go out of 43!)

Only two (so far found?) male creatures are left after a mysterious something fells everything with a Y chromosome all over the world. Interesting setup, but I thought the arc ended in an odd place. I will be reading more in this series.


I also finally made time to read the first volume of this series! Teens discover that their parents are actually villains, and they run away to try to find a way to stop them. Excellent start to a series - I can't wait to read more!

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