Ranking Doctor Who - a Nine Year Old Perspective

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Today I bring you another guest post from one of my all time favorite people - my nine year old son!

We were discussing an article I had seen recently on Buzzfeed, where someone ranked all of the Doctor's Companions. Of course, this lead to our our conversation about HIS favorites. I was greatly amused by his list and his reasons for each ranking.

Companions List:
1) Rose - I have seen her the most so far.
2) Donna - She yells at the world constantly and it is funny.
3) Clara - She is mysterious (at this point he’s only seen her in two episodes)
4) Amy & Rory - I like them, but not as much as the others. They are not with the Doctor I like the most.
5) River - She is mysterious, too. Not as much as Clara. I like her in A Good Man Goes to War.

When I asked him why Martha didn't make his list, he said that she would be #6, but he was sticking with a top 5 for his official list. Sarah Jane would come in right after Martha.

Doctors (He wanted me to point out that these are the only Doctors he has seen - so far)

10 - This is HIS Doctor - and the one he dressed up as for Halloween.
11 - He is funny.
9 - Better than four and one.
4 - The special effects are corny.
1 - I haven't seen any aliens yet for this one.

Where do I stand on this matter?


I would keep Rose and Donna in the top two, absolutely. I freely admit to totally "shipping" the Doctor and Rose. I don't want all of my companions to have a romantic interest in him, though, which may be why Martha wasn't one of my favorites. I wouldn't have Clara in my Top 5, though. I do like the eventual reveal of her mystery and purpose, but I wish that her "deal" wasn't just being mysterious. I didn't feel like I really got to know her. River would come in higher for me. I just LOVE her spunk, and I mimic her "spoilers, sweetie" on a regular basis.


I'm going to stick to my guns on Nine here and put him first. He's the one who brought me in the Whoniverse and I love his darkness and his spontaneous goofy grins. Fantastic!

Ten comes next. He's just so stinking adorable, with his cocked eyebrow and his ruffled up hair. He has the dark streak from Nine (I like to say, "Your nine is showing!") and the start of the silly from Eleven.

Eleven comes after these two. He's like the goofy older brother of your best friend that just makes you shake your head and grin so much of the time. I keep waiting for him to fall over something.

I can't wait to see more of the older Doctors so I can feel like I have a more informed opinion about them.


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