It's Monday - September 2nd

Time for another reading update! Getting in gear for school last week wore me out, so I didn't post. This week I'll share two weeks worth of wonderful books. (No fear - it's totally manageable!)

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Newbery / Nerdbery - Whittling away at the last few books. I only have FOUR left (and I borrowed an audio book from the library yesterday)

I listened to this one. It was lyrically lovely, but I think I'd also need to read it with my eyes to get the full impact.

Science Fiction / Fantasy

The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There. 
The second book in this series is just as amazing as the first. I love the language, and I love the characters! I'm so glad I requested (and received) the ARC for the third book, which prompted me to bump the beginning of the series higher up on my TBR pile. I'll write them all up together once I read the third! This is the kind of book I really need - deep, beautiful language for my passionate readers. 

Great mix of science fiction! 

Binky is an adorable graphic novel style story for youngers. So funny! 

The Planet Thieves for middle graders- Full review here

Wake Up Missing - perfect for students who aren't "into" science fiction. This is a mystery/action/adventure tale. The setting is current day, but the amount of science involved means I'd also call it scifi. I plan to do a full review. Put it on your list - it comes out September 10th! 

Historical Fiction:

Yes, I'm really late to the party for Hattie Big Sky. It was wonderful! I have the audio for the second book (thanks to Kirby!). I'm working on a guest post for her site for Teacher Tuesday - due up mid September. 

Uprising was AMAZEBALLS. Okay, that isn't a real word... but it should be. I was looking for historical fiction that tied into the Suffrage movement in American history. While this was more about the Triangle Shirtwaist union strikes and fire, it does include a decent chunk of the history of the fight for the right to vote. I'm still debating using it, though... for reasons that I may blog about later. 

Realistic Fiction:

Excellent book - but I think I finally figured out my problem with realistic fiction (especially those with significant "sadness" to their plotlines). I am definitely glad I made the time to read this book, but I'm pretty sure I won't be watching the movie. Curious about why? I wrote about it yesterday... "The Trouble with Realistic Fiction


I got this one from Netgalley, too! 

Great start to a new middle grade mystery series. I love how Max is from a theater family and uses his acting to help him work his way through the mysterious events. Just like Wake Up Missing, this one is due out September 10th. Grab for those curious kids who love to figure things out along with the main character. 


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