It's Monday - August 19th

I skipped last week because I'm visiting family, but I want to get a quick post up to share the books I've ready over the last two weeks.

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Newbery / Nerbery Voyage  86/92 complete! 

I'm getting within spitting distance (ewwww... that's a really gross phrase) of the end of this particular journey! Three more completed over the past two weeks. I'm trying to pick up the pace on this challenge because I tossed my hat into the ring for the Cybils judging. I may not be chosen, but if I am I'll be a busy little beaver getting those books read!

Graphic Novels

Captain Marvel continues to be... marvelous! I wasn't super keen on the artist for a big chunk of this trade (interesting style, but just didn't mesh well with my view of this character), but the story and dialogue rocks.

Joey Fly was in the "hard bitten old fashioned" detective style with lots of funny insect based figurative language.

Recent and Upcoming Releases

Wow - what an amazing set of books!

Salt is a beautiful book, written in verse with alternating viewpoints. This is the perfect addition to classrooms who would like to see Native American perspectives in historical fiction. Simple style, but with a powerful message about friendship.

Guys Read: Other Worlds --- this one ROCKS! I'll be doing a full review closer to publication date, but put this on your radar, friends!

Jabba the Puppett is a great story, and a fun poke at testing culture.

Dream Thieves - Just as amazing as The Raven Boys... seriously.

and the picture book portion of the recent and upcoming...

Mythological Wonders

The Scorpio Races - everyone kept telling me to read this one.... everyone was right! I also made the November Cakes with my sister based on Maggie Stiefvater's recipe on her blog and they were delicious!

Summer of the Mariposas was the most recent Batty About Books read - Kathy and I chatted about all the chunks of the books. The author even tweeted us with a link to a great mythological resource to use with the book.

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