It's Monday March 4

Join us at Teach Mentor Texts as we share our week of reading!

Some of you may also be joining me at the Slice of Life challenge (where we write and post every day in March - or at least as many as we can). Trying to share a little peek into my life each day in March may cut into my reading time, but I found the experience so valuable last year that I just had to do it again. Be sure to check out my Slice for today, too!

George's Secret Key by Hawking (yes - THAT Hawking, and his daughter Lucy) - I'll review this separately on the blog on my next Sci Friday.

Hokey Pokey by Spinelli - I keep going back in my mind to this one. I'm not sure what the audience should be - or will be... but it is beautiful. It took me a little while to fully descend into the world he created, but then I didn't want to leave.

Graphic Novel
Little White Duck. I loved how I got a glimpse into a world I rarely see. This was beautifully drawn and well told.


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