The Places He'll Go

Sunday evening my son crossed over from Cubs to Boy Scouts. I wrote this just before leaving for the Blue and Gold banquet.... 

Look at that little face!
There are so many things he's gotten out of his time with the Cubs. So many reasons my husband and I have worked hard to make sure he had the best possible experience. We are both den leaders (one for each son's den). My husband also has a Pack leadership role, and we both spend a large chunk of time planning and working for the good of the Pack.

I feel like our world has only a few remnants of the many traditions that helped a boy know where he was on the path to manhood. There are no spirit walks. There are no rites of passage. Yes, we have ages when they can begin to drive, or vote, or drink. But it's like we take a child and suddenly thrust them into adult roles. We protect and nurture and prevent a child from taking any risks.... until we make them take them all.

Working on his pinewood
derby car each year with his
dad is one of his favorite
Cub Scouts has been a great way to guide me as I think about what he should be able to do. Ahh.. third grade? Could be time to teach safe knife handling skills so he can earn his whittling chip. Camping gave me the reminder that he should take on responsibility for helping pitch his own tent or get a fire started.

I'm a worrier... I had little panic attacks every step of the way. I'm sure that will continue as I watch him pack up to head off to Boy Scout events beyond my watchful gaze. Yet I know that the challenges he faces, and the skills he learns, will help him become an independent and confident young man.

This year's pinewood derby
event was a success!
He'll always be my baby. The sweet little face will forever be superimposed over his ever changing one. This ceremony is just one of many times I'll cry as I watch him journey toward manhood, I'm sure. As I continue taking steps to release him into the world on his own, I'm grateful for the support along the way.

(Update: You may be forced to hear about the ceremony another day...)

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