It's Monday, October 15th

Welcome to the It's Monday post! If you want to read a bunch of other amazing book lists, check out the main site at Teach Mentor Texts. Big thanks, as always, to Jen and Kellee for hosting.

It was a bit of a graphic novel heavy week. I also have the Wrinkle in Time adaptation, but haven't finished it yet. I didn't find Ed's Terrestrials to be very good, but my sons enjoyed it (hence the 3 stars). I adored the Mal and Chad books, and I featured them as this week's Sci Friday post (with some nonfiction pairings). The Chicagoland Detective Agency book was fun, and definitely odd. A little bit of Egyptian flair tossed into the mix.

I finished Seraphina, and posted my thoughts on the ending of the book in this week's Batty About Books post. I kept it very light on the spoilers...


I had to fit in some of my comics this week. I reviewed the first of the Spike mini series over at Fandom Post, and this is the second of the set. I need to write up that review. I am loving this series! I also had a guest post up at Teen Librarian Toolbox with an overview of the Buffy and Angel comic series (seasons 8 and 9). I'm giving away the first two issues of Spike over there, if you are interested in giving them a try. The other is the current issue of Batgirl (#13), a consistently amazing offering from DC.

I came home with a huge stack of books on Thursday - a combination of library and book splurges. I have already read and reviewed Human.4 (part of Sci Friday) as well as the Mal and Chad books. I'll be Skyping with Stephen McCranie this week! Spindlers was a gift from a friend.

Life is good.


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