New Comics Reader Week 2

(Moving posts over from my old blog host. This one originally posted Sept 26, 2011)

These comics are mostly from my “Week 2”, though a few were hold overs from Week 1 that I hadn’t finished yet.  Sheesh, there are more on this list than I thought. This could be an expensive hobby if I don’t weed out my choices for month 2!

Oh – and the Hooded Woman search – I love it. Just like everyone else, I’m dying to know who she is! Though I would be amused to no end to find out some rich woman paid a TON to be drawn into all the new 52!

Demon Knights – This is a keeper!
I’m a huge fan of Arthurian settings, and I love the characters in this story. It wasn’t originally on my radar, so I’m thankful for my Twitter crew pointing me in the right direction on this one. I appreciate the selection of women in the group. I don’t need to have an all female cast to enjoy a comic, but it is nice to have some in there!

Batman – Another keeper!
Yes, I love the Bat. I love his broody nature. I love the gadgets. I love Alfred. This comic did a great job of keeping the dark while not going way over the top on the creepy factor.

Ultimate Comics X-Men – I’m joining the team! More, please.
While trying to spread the love beyond DC and DarkHorse (I’m reading the Buffy and the Angel and Faith comics), I wanted some Marvel. I’ve always enjoyed the X-Men in cartoons. I love how this comic gets the ball rolling with the changes to the world, and I love the fact that Kitty Pride takes charge of her little team.

Wonder Woman – Took a bit of “research”, but I’ll be back to check it out again.
To be fair, my first read through was on a night when I had a blinding headache. So I was a bit confused by some of the dialogue boxes. And yes, it was a tad creepy (though not as much as Detective Comics). I tapped some friends and did some research online to get the background I needed (I love mythology, but didn’t remember that Hera’s symbol was the peacock – that helped a lot!). After that, my next read was much easier, and I enjoyed it a lot. I do love the myth tie-ins.

Supergirl – Good “ground level” introduction. I’m liking it so far.
Yes, there wasn’t a ton of action. But I feel like I’m being set up for a nice run with a fun character. I felt especially “in the know” when I realized that the voices she is hearing are from other DC comics. I had just read Birds of Prey, so I got to pat myself on the back when I noticed that. Pretty cool!

Detective Comics – Creepy. Not sure if I’m coming back.
While I love Joker as a character, this one was just a bit much for me. From the cover (eww) to the ending page (triple ewww), I just got the heeby jeebies. And I’m not too much of a heeby jeeby kind of girl. I am curious about what happens next… but I’m not sure I’m THAT curious.

Birds of Prey – Wanted to love it… I’ll probably give it another go
I’ve heard great reviews from others who already know these characters, but I found it a bit flat and slow. I wasn’t as impressed with the art as I thought I’d be either. The faces weren’t as animated as I’ve become accustomed to seeing elsewhere, though the action scenes were great. But really, I need expressive faces to help me “get” the characters.

Catwoman – I had such high hopes – but nope. Done with this one.
The frame for this story was a real turn off. It seemed like the entire middle section was just a way of getting to the physical encounter with Cat and Bat. There was some interesting information and action in that middle section, but not enough to overcome my blechy feeling from the beginning and end. I think there are plenty of things you can read about this elsewhere. I’ll just say – I’m out.

Red Hood – If only Starfire hadn’t ruined it for me… I’m out.
Seems like it could have a great premise and a fun team. But seriously, gentlemen? What were you thinking? Again, read the vociferous complaints elsewhere. I’m out.

Week 3 “At Bat” list:
I’m taking Gail Simone’s advice and getting -
All Star Western
I, Vampire
Aquaman (I’m hoping one of those Supergirl voices is from his comic)
Justice League Dark
And, of course, Firestorm.

Anything else I may be missing? 


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