Slice - Teaching is my Super Power

Teaching is my superpower -
and it doesn't even require a cape!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day....

Some days I feel like our nation doesn't really appreciate us. There are news stories about our greed and lack of intelligence. There are comments on EVERY news article telling teachers to "suck it up" and "just be thankful" we have jobs. We are told to "quit and find another job if you don't like it"....

And yet.

It's the day to day smiles on the faces of my students.

It's the question, "Why weren't you here yesterday?" accompanied by the disappointed look in their eyes. They understand that I was at training - or was on a trip with my own child - but they missed me.

It's the happy greeting when I see current and former parents at the grocery store or when I drop my child off for special events.

It's the quick emails or unexpected blog posts from those former students. It's them asking if there's any chance I'd want to meet up at the library for a "reunion" just a year after they've left me.

It's the invitations to graduation for kids I taught seven years ago.

This past week, I went to the movies with my family to see the latest Avengers flick. As we settled into our seats, I noticed a parent I knew. Then I saw her two children (one current, one former student). Another current student filed into the row with them. I sent a quick wave toward one of them, but when she didn't see me I just settled back into my chair.

Just a few moments later, one of the three kids noticed me and let out a little shriek of delight. They all came over to say hello with big smiles on their faces. My former student came all the way over and gave me a big hug. They weren't surprised to see me at a superhero movie - they know I'm a total geek. They were just thrilled to have the chance to get a quick moment with me during their non-school lives.

Yes, there may be children (and adults) lined up for hours to get a photo with Robert Downey, Jr. or Chris Evans. Yes, there are stores filled with costumes and action figures of this superhero team.

Still, I'll take my little slice of superherodom in the smiling faces of my students who are thrilled to see me both inside and outside of my classroom.

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