Slice - A New, Old Hobby

As my boys are getting older, I've started shopping for hobbies. While I don't have a ton of free time yet, I know that the days are quickly approaching when I won't have my entire life consumed by homework monitoring and chauffeur duties.

I posted a plea on my Facebook page - asking friends to give me some ideas about what to try. A few are on the back burner for now..

I SWEAR I'll rejoin Teachers Write this summer and pull out all my old notes and try to get that going again.

I definitely want to find the time to take archery classes.

I plan to sign up for a volunteer session at a local(ish) bird rescue so I can learn more about raptors. They have always been a love and maybe I can also use that knowledge in my writing.

For now, though, I'm relearning a former hobby. In college, I took up crocheting. Oh, I know, I was a REAL party animal! It was soothing, and I got fairly good at it.

UntitledNow, I have no real desire to make baby blankets or crochet myself a dress. I've seen people making cute little creatures and people using crochet stitches, though. It's called "amigurumi", and that sounded like a great thing to try.

My first goal is to make a simple Princess Leia. I found a pattern that sounded like it was at reasonable skill level and started to reteach myself the stitches. Thank goodness for YouTube! I can find tutorials of ANYTHING there!

I bought cheap yarn and a set of hooks on Easter Monday. This photo is one of my early (last week) practices at doing the magic circle and stitching in a round that are required by amigurumi.

On Sunday I decided I remembered enough to purchase the actual yarn and materials I needed to make my first project. This cream colored yarn will become Leia's face.


By last night, I had gotten 15 rounds completed and started searching for videos on how to change colors. I had to stop here because I have to insert the safety eyes before I continue this section of the piece. I should receive my eyes today! I plan to work on the wig/buns this afternoon if I haven't gotten the eyes yet.

I found a few other simple patterns to use. Now I just have to figure out what to DO with these little guys once I make them. The first Leia will be mine, of course....

Come join the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. Someone is there Slicing (writing personal memoirs and reflections) every Tuesday. Let's Write! 


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