The Gooey Cookie Advice - SOL Day 7

I usually don't have time to bake. I usually don't have the ambition to pull out all the equipment and fire up the stove. Still, there's something about a snow day that brings out the sweet tooth in me.

Over the years, I've perfected the soft and chunky chocolate chip cookie that I prefer. Here's a few tips:

Quality control, you know? This one's good.
1) Go ahead and use the recipe on the chip bag.
2) Be sure to combine the first few ingredients separately, as recommended.
3) When you blend the butter, sugar, and vanilla - go ahead and beat it into a pulp. Make that nice and creamy.
4) Here's where it starts to matter - when you put in the dry ingredients you mixed first. That flour, baking soda, and salt combination can NOT get over-mixed into the batter or your cookies will spread out and the cookie will be flat and crispy.
5) Also, don't over-blend when you put in the chips. Just mix it enough to spread them out.
6) If you have time, put the dough in the fridge for a while first.
7) Undercook the cookies. Go for the least amount of time and check them frequently. They should be just starting to brown. Then let them sit for a few minutes (2-4) out of the stove and gently move them to the cooling rank
       -- Keep the extra dough in the fridge. Cool or cold dough spreads out less on the tray as it starts to bake.
       -- Cool the cookie tray between batches. I run it under cold water after taking the last batch off the tray.

Voila! Delicious, chunky, gooey cookies. Enjoy!

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