Special Delivery Day! SOL Day 10


Sometimes we all need a special delivery to make our day brighter. I love working with amazing publishers who come up with fun ways to inject book love into my days.

Mary Van Akin - at Macmillan Publishing - had the brilliant idea to partner up some classrooms for a reading and writing day. Each teacher got a copy of Special Delivery by Philip C. Stead and Matthew Cordell. We also got postcards.

Special Delivery


My little crew giggled like crazy at Sadie's silly antics as she tried to get that elephant to her Great-Aunt Josephine. Each student got to write about what they would send as a "special delivery" and we mailed them off to our buddy classroom. They had some really great ideas about what they would send as well! One wanted to mail himself so he could travel. One wanted to send a copy of Harry Potter to her fellow group-mate (since I use Potter examples all the time and she thought it would help her friend understand me better!)  Another declared that he would send an "automaton" to a surgeon to help with taking apart bodies.... ewwww.

Of course, my week last week was consumed by not one - not two - but THREE days off for bad weather (and a two hour delay). Thankfully, the day I planned to read the book with my third graders was the ONE day we were there for the whole day.

Hopefully our buddy class will forgive us the lateness of our response. I stuck my envelope in the office to mail to them this morning - and then had it handed back to me at the end of the day because I put the UPS mailer in the USPS basket. Tomorrow. Tomorrow those postcards will begin their journey to sunny Florida!

Come join the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. March is the official DAILY Slice of Life challenge. Someone is there Slicing (writing personal memoirs and reflections) every Tuesday. Let's Write! 


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