Share the Love -- SOL Day 22

I'm busily putting the finishing touches on some stations for tomorrow's nights "SMART" night at my school. I'm the science advocate this year, so I am responsible for creating activities and centers to celebrate science.

Astronomy was my first love. 

I watched as many of the Space Shuttle launches live in elementary and middle school as I could. While that means that I witnessed the Challenger disaster live (my school had it on the televisions in the hall), the joy and excitement that came from seeing someone launch into space was worth the trauma I experienced that year.
My very first book review was about an astronomy title.

I have a station where students can view some amazing videos, (some by Lockheed Martin, some by Crash Course Astronomy, and some by NASA's JPL department) do an experiment to create craters, and read some brief information about stars and recent discoveries.

Did I just happen to include photos of Maria Mitchel, Mae Jemison, Sally Ride, and Bobak Ferdowsi? I certainly did!

Two more interactive stations include using a digital microscope and participating in some "mind and body" experiments like the Stroop Test and a Reaction Time test. I also recruited a local land conservation group to come and do some stream and water activities with the kids.

There will also be math, literacy, and art activities at our event tomorrow. Here's hoping for a huge success!

Come join the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. March is the official DAILY Slice of Life challenge. Someone is there Slicing (writing personal memoirs and reflections) every Tuesday. Let's Write! 


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