Puppy Love - SOL Day 11

Thankfully, my boys haven't yet experienced the heartache of romantic "puppy love". I occasionally ask if there is anyone they are interested in while we snuggle up with a book, or over a bowl of ice cream, and I get eye rolls and mutters in response.

Instead, puppy love at our house is embodied by these two adorable mutts. Both came to us from our local SPCA.


Sasha is a strange little beast. She's a complete Daddy's Girl, and isn't really happy unless she is cuddled up with my husband. She will make do with me or the boys, if she has to.

She looks almost exactly like a Rhodesian Ridgeback - but at about 20% the size. Every "dog person" in our lives loves to play the "what breed is she?" game.

Sasha loves to be outside, although that has started to change as she's gotten older. Her favorite thing is to make a HUGE circuit of the yard after she's been called back inside.

This is Princess. We considered changing her name after adoption, but I'm glad we never did. She is a complete princess.

This is the dog who shakes her paw disdainfully when it is damp. The dog who goes outside just long enough to pee and runs back in. Sometimes, if it is really cold or rainy, she'll even just duck behind a bush that's right next to the back door.

Princess comes running when we use the ice machine on the fridge. She's a cuddler with a weak bladder. She would happily sit on your lap all day long, but you'd be wise not to let her. If she gets too comfy or warm, you'll find a little wet spot.

When she's excited, she hops up and down like a
Lipizzaner mare. It's strange and adorable. She never gets mad at us for giggling at her when she's overly excited.

Our dogs aren't show dogs. They have just enough training to not be terrors if you come into our house (although they will bark and hop to get your attention). They aren't all that smart, but they are darned cute.

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