Mother Nature's Prank -- SOL Day 21

Dear Mother Nature,

Let me start by saying that I think you are generally doing a great job.

I love the fact that you make sure my area gets to experience all the beauty of each season. Budding trees and blossoming tulips are a lovely way to begin spring. Summer rains fill the air with a fragrance no bottle can match. Your color palette in the fall is impeccable. The gold, bronze, and burgundy leaves set off the sky to perfect. Your selection of crisp whites for the freshly fallen snow can't be beat.

Still, I think you may be having some difficulty reading the calendar. You see, yesterday was the first day of spring. We were hoping for gentle breezes, the caress of a sunbeam, and the chance to get out to Rita's for a free water ice.

This?? This is just not right. Perhaps you thought today was April 1st? Pulling a prank like this would only make sense if you thought you were getting in on the April Fool's Day Hijinks. I'm sorry to inform you that you were just a few weeks early on that one.

Please feel free to fill our April 1st with lovely sunshine. I would even accept a gentle spring shower.

Winter is over, my dear friend. Let's get those trees in bloom so I can start complaining about allergy season, okay?

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