Live Long and Prosper SOL 2

For those of you who know me from Twitter - it will come as no surprise that our most recent celebrity loss hit me hard.

I often scroll through Twitter while I'm eating lunch. It helps break up the day and gives me a ton of great ideas and articles I can use with my students. On Friday of last week, I was flipping through and chuckling over the continued #WhiteAndGold and #LlamaDrama silliness when a single hashtag jumped out of the noise.


Now, I knew he was getting older. I knew he'd been rushed to the hospital for heart problems just a few days before this.

Even so, my heart dropped and my eyes filled with tears. The original Star Trek series was probably my first introduction into science fiction. My parents are huge fans, and we watched the episodes very consistently throughout my childhood. I loved to watch them explore, and I absolutely adored Spock (though, as I get older, I identify more strongly with Dr. McCoy).

The more I read through the outpouring of love and memories for this amazing man, the more choked up I got. Leonard Nimoy inspired scientists and explorers. He stood up for his coworkers. He found beauty in the world wherever he went. While sharing quotes from Star Trek, we think about the good that could be found in the human race.... even though he portrayed a half-human on the show.

Goodbye, Nimoy. Your legacy lives on in those you inspired. May we continue to explore our world and the stars and planets just beyond the horizon. May we find ways to come together as humans as we push beyond the known into the places no one has gone before.


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