Hectic, Frantic, Manic - SOL Day 15

Some Saturdays are wind-down days. I can get up "late", have a few cups of coffee, and do a little grading and planning.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

Mmmm.... chocolate croissant.
The saga began with a quick drive to get my older son to a Boy Scout merit badge roundtable. I love the fact that his Troop participates in these, because he can choose up to three badges and knock them out in a few months worth of work. Today would be his final session, allowing him to complete another Eagle required badge.

In my "plan" for the day, the next few hours would include work time with my co-worker. We met up at the local Starbucks to wrap up the presentation we'll be giving at a symposium for preservice teachers next week. We'd been discussing and working for about an hour when I got a text from my husband. His car wouldn't start, and my younger son needed to be at orchestra practice in about 15 minutes.

Hyperdrive mode - activated!

After slamming my computer shut and rushing out of the Starbucks, I sent a few quick texts to let everyone know that younger would be slightly late for rehearsal. He arrived - and wasn't the last one to walk in the door. Now the real fun began.

Older needed to be picked up at 12 and brought to a hike location by 12:30. Younger needed to be picked up at 12:15. These locations are all at least 15 minutes apart, even without taking the line of parent cars at pickup or mall traffic into account. Anyone have a time turner I can borrow?

UntitledVisiting the library was on my "to do" list, and I had some time. So while the back of my head was working on my need for a clone, I buzzed into my library to pick up my holds and grab some books on women's history. I may have grabbed a few too many, but I was just a bit rushed and couldn't take the time to flip through them all to decide which were the best.

Thankfully, my brain came up with a decent solution. A few more texts, and my older son had a ride to his hike. Now I could get the other picked up, home for lunch, and still get to my older to pick him up!

Sometimes I forget to ask for help.

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