Good News Bad News - SOL 8

Today is "International Women's Day". There is a lot we can be thankful for today. Women and men continue to work toward gender equality in the home and workforce.

Still, we have a long way to go. One of the things I am continually watching is the way toy stores are gendered. Have you ever noticed the predominance of pink and blue on different aisles? Are they concerned that we won't be able to find the Barbies or dolls or action figures if they don't color code them? I also keep an eye on how toys that are seen as traditionally "male" (like superhero and science fiction action figures) are marketed and displayed.

While the number of women and girls who go to action and science fiction movies (like Avengers and Star Wars) and read comics continues to increase, toy companies seem to be stuck in "boy-land". Girls and women (and boys!) are clamoring for toys with Leia and Gamora and Black Widow... and... and... no one seems to be listening.

Perhaps they are also concerned boys won't wear a pajama top or carry a lunch box if the one lady from the team is on it? Maybe they are convinced that boys playing Star Wars or Avengers won't want to act out any scenes that include a girl or woman?

Anyway, I took a look around my local Target yesterday and tweeted some "Good News, Bad News"...

Come on, toy companies. You can do better.

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