Do or Do Not -- SOL Day 31

When I jumped into the Slice of Life Challenge this year, I wasn't really sure I was going to make it. I debated whether I should even make the attempt this year.

Words hadn't been flowing recently. Fatigue was wearing me down. Would I really be able to get through an entire month? Would I manage to have an idea every day? Would this be the year I just couldn't hack it?

I signed up anyway, and gave myself permission to not be perfect.

Maybe there would be a day that just didn't happen. Nope, I actually posted every day. 

Maybe some days my writing would be considerably less than stellar. Well, yeah. There were some days I just didn't have much in me. I put it out there anyway.

I wrote about
scouting and teaching
fandoms and feminism
frustrations and triumphs
endings and beginnings
geeky style and writer's block
weather and professional development.

Some days I feel like I had actual insight to share, and other days I just got something onto the blog.

Along the way I discovered that sometimes you just have to dive in and keep swimming. Will my momentum continue through the next few months? Will I discover other stories and get them on paper? Can we still say that if we type?

Do ... and keep on doing ... there is no try.

Come join the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. March is the official DAILY Slice of Life challenge. Someone is there Slicing (writing personal memoirs and reflections) every Tuesday. Let's Write! 


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