Beginnings -- SOL Day 28

Today my youngest went on his very first Boy Scout outing. They took a day hike through Valley Forge.

Last night we spent a feverish hour or so making sure he had everything he needed. We went through the items on the emailed list and laid it all out on the table one by one.

Jared's first Boy Scout event - prepping for the Valley Forge hike!Daypack found?  -- Check
Camelback bladder? -- Check
Compass? -- Check

Brand new, spotless Boy Scout book so he can get signatures for the things he'll complete? -- Check!

Wait! We need to make a first aid kit so he can get checked off the list?
-- umm.... *digging through random medicine cabinets to locate all the items* -- Check!

His older brother walked by occasionally and chuckled. As an "old hand" at this process, he felt like he knew exactly what he had to stash in his pack, and only put a few extra items in under protest.

When I picked them up after the hike today, I knew it had been a success. Both looked wiped out but content. They claim that "almost everyone" whined a lot about how tired they were.... but not MY boys! Here's hoping that they were really as cooperative and enthusiastic about it as they claimed to be.

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