Another Small Step - SOL Day 17

I have a pretty major case of impostor syndrome.

While I'm completely confident getting up in front of children, and it doesn't even really bother me to have other adults come into my room to observe my lessons, the idea of speaking in front of adults is intimidating.

What do *I* have to say that is worth their time? I'm not really an expert in anything, you know. Other people know more about math, or gifted kids, or science, or pretty much anything I could be asked to share with a room full of grownups.

Well - I do have a master's degree in teaching gifted kids. (Ed. Psych from the University of Connecticut). I may also have seven years of experience teaching gifted kids and another 7 as a special education teacher. I may also spend a lot of time seeking out new materials to use with my students to keep them (and me) interested in learning.

Does that make me an expert? Does that mean people will want to hear what I have to say?

Thanks to the poking and prodding of a few good friends and mentors, I'm taking the plunge and starting to put myself out there more. I will be presenting to our local parent association tomorrow night, so they can hear what I learned while at the National Gifted conference in November. On Saturday, I'll be sharing information about teaching gifted kids with preservice teachers at a local education symposium.

What's next? Do I dare to put myself out there any further?

Perhaps... perhaps...

I am submitting proposals to do two single session presentations at a summer conference on enrichment learning I attend every year. Maybe they'll say yes. Maybe they'll say no. I'm not sure which answer is more terrifying!

 (It's called Confratute - and I think everyone should go all the time because it's amazing. Hit me up for more information if you think you may be interested!). 

Come join the writing community at Two Writing Teachers. March is the official DAILY Slice of Life challenge. Someone is there Slicing (writing 


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