A Routine Failure

You know how some people are categorized as "systematic sequential"? Those people thrive on creating and maintaining order. Everything has a place, and everything is IN its place. To do lists are created and then actually end up with check marks beside each task. Mail is put away, bills are paid without panic, and laundry is neatly folded and placed in an appropriate (close) drawer.

I am not that person.

I try. Honestly, I do.

I make job charts for the boys and post them on the wall. I use sticky notes and bullet journals and make lists of the meal plan for the week. I get ahead on grading and know exactly what the next few articles and vocabulary assignments will be.

If I am extremely lucky, and work at it really hard, those systems last for about two weeks. Then I am back to baskets full of (thankfully clean) clothes filling the laundry room. I have sporadically home cooked meals interspersed with way too many nights of cereal or french toast. I have sons who should have gotten their assignment books checked more often having panic attacks over a few tasks that never got done and ended up costing them precious points. I have a blog that runs on empty for weeks at a time, because I just can't keep a routine going long enough to post consistently.

I, my friends, am a routine failure.

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