It's Monday February 2nd - What Are You Reading?

Welcome to my little corner of book heaven. Here's what I read the last two weeks. Don't forget to visit the lovely hosts of this meme - Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers. There are links to a LOT of posts there!

Cybils Short List - I completed these titles in the past two weeks.

Young Adult:

I LOVED this book! I need to read the rest of the series, although I am sad that my favorite character is gone.

Zombies and journalism... oh, yeah.

PopSugar - over 500 pages

Intriguing look at Levana's early life and what made her the woman she is today. Short, but will make the wait for Winter easier.
PopSugar - 2015 release

We need a LOT more historical fiction set around the Suffrage movement. This was a great one.
PopSugar - Cover Love

Intriguing premise for science fiction - we have aliens we are desperately hoping will make an alliance with us, so we set up an "exchange" program.
I liked the romance aspect at first, and then it got to be too much for me.
PopSugar - set in the future

So VERY strange, but I adored it. I wish I had it in paper instead of an ebook, because I kept wanting to flip back to previous sections to trace the names through time.
PopSugar - one word title

Middle Grade:
A girl travels into the world where authors create their stories... to save her famous writer mom. I really loved this one (and it's in my trio of reviews linked below)
PopSugar - new to me author

For the PopSugar "book written by a woman" - instead I am going for at least 50% by women. At the moment I have 6 by men, 10 by women, and 1 that is a man/woman partnership (a GN)

Comic Books:
This is a trade (includes 4 comics). Believe it or not, I wasn't super excited by this one. The narration style didn't do it for me. I did like the final comic more than the others, as it tied the story together well.

AWESOME! I will be reading this series and the Leia series that begins in March.

Recent Reviews: I recommend a trio of amazing new middle grade novels!


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