Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feminist Lit Suggestions From My Twitter Pals

I decided to toss a quick question out there to my Nerdy Book Club and Feminist friends on Twitter. I wanted to make my "should have read in school" book for the Pop Sugar Challenge be something feminist... maybe something that I just can't believe I missed along the way.

Just in case you want to use some of these, I've also indicated other categories in which they could fit. 

Never fear - my amazingly literate colleagues on Twitter gave me so many from which to choose!

Lee Ann says this is a science fiction choice - that sounds right up my alley! 

** I can add this in and count it for the "title has a color" category!**  

** Second Sex was originally in French, so this one can also count in that category ** 

If you'd like some of MY feminist recommendations...

Post-apocalyptic and brings in traditional Greek drama.

The Suffrage movement and the start of unions with the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

Nonfiction history of female heroes in pop culture.

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