Slice - One Little Word - Mindful

This is my third year of selecting a "one little word" to guide me. 

In 2013, my word was "Create". I felt it really did focus me, and help me consciously choose activities that gave me creative outlets.

In 2014, my word was "Savor". Looking back on last year, I DID have a lot to savor.

I had my last full year as a den leader for my younger son. He'll cross over into Boy Scouts in early March. While I'm looking forward to not having a den, I loved the time I spent with him. Even the camping - with the chilly mornings and lack of nearby potty facilities - was all worth it.
Playing with his niece

I had two lovely weeks visiting with my sister's family in her home in Ohio, and another two weeks with them here at Christmas. Sunny days reading by the pool. Watching my niece and nephew learn and grow. Smiling as my own sons spent time reliving their own "little kid" years by playing with them. Hitting the shops with my mom and sister....

I finally devoted a real, weekly, scheduled time to hanging out with my best friend Lise. We crafted for Halloween, chatted, and generally just enjoyed one another's company. (This didn't happen much in December - it's time to get that back on the books).

Even so, I felt like I spent the year rushing from place to place - never really stopping to appreciate all that I have. I didn't put that word - Savor - at the forefront to remind me each day to take a moment and really inhale the beauty of my life.

So this year I'm choosing "Mindful".
I'm using the "bullet journal" technique I've heard of from many of my PLN, and I'm going to write that word on the top of each day's entry. I may not purposefully reflect or write about it - but it will be in my thoughts each day.

I WILL be mindful of the joy in my life. I will be mindful of my health and well-being. I will not forget to enjoy each moment, while still striving to make myself a happier and healthier person.

What's your guiding principle this year?

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