It's Monday November 24th

It's Monday - and that means it's time for a reading update.

Lots of picture books this week, as I tried to finish reading the books on my Mock Caldecott list. I still have a few to go (Three Bears in a Boat and Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas)

SO cute! My fifth graders adore this sweet little creatures.

Love the illustrations, and I'm enjoying listening to my students notice as the teacher's depiction changes.

This is a big favorite in the room at the moment. I love how the kids notice what the dog sees... but I haven't heard anyone notice the ending image discrepancies yet.

Elliot is adorable! I love this one, and there are a bunch of kids who have this on their favorites list.

Beautiful images and a powerful message. I have a few dancers in my room, and they seemed quite drawn to this one.

While the novel is still my favorite (and the audiobook is also amazing), this graphic novel adaptation of the first half of the book was wonderful. The illustrations are spot on. Creepy and perfect.

I reviewed one of my favorite graphic novels this week, too:

What have you been reading?


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