It's Monday November 10th

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Mostly a Picture Book Stack this week!

Some I grabbed for my Mock Caldecott but I have already read - like Julia's House and Noisy Paint Box.

Some were new but for the Mock Caldecott (Quest, Kid Sheriff, and Extraordinary Jane).

Clink and One Big Pair of Underwear were suggestions based on other people's blogs last week!

All were excellent!

I'm working on a Mock Caldecott list for my 5th graders. I am trying to choose about 20. Some are from other Mock lists I've found, and some are on the list because I liked them and already have a copy. I have 18 so far.

Other Books This Week:

Some awesome stories and some just okay (as is normal in an anthology). Some are great for Notice and Note strategies!

I've been reading this one with a group of colleagues. I've taught the first two signposts and will be teaching a third this week.

(Graphic novel - T+) So odd. Excellent premise but I had a lot of trouble following some of the battle sequences.

Hysterical! I need to find a group to use this with this week!

I also managed to blog a picture book review this week! It was Carl Sagan's birthday this past weekend, too!


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