It's Monday September 15th

Welcome back! I do love sharing what I've been reading. I hope you enjoy adding to your reading pile!

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Let's start with some fabulous picture books! I've seen these two on other Monday posts, and I'm so glad I took the time to snag them from my local library. I'll be using them to reinforce some of the tenants of my class code... (I guess I should write a post about that... maybe for Slice tomorrow!)

"Be Cooperative"

Julia's House for Lost Creatures - by Ben Hatke

This is a fabulous story about a girl who invites lost and lonely creatures in to stay. They have to learn to work together to keep things running well. I adore Hatke's art (from Zita the Spacegirl, in particular) and the story is amazing!

Source: library

"Be Persistent" 

The Girl and the Bicycle by Mark Pett

First, this is an excellent wordless story. The illustrations have just the right amount of detail to get the plot across, and I think kids will enjoy discussing what the girl does. She wants that bicycle, and she shows stick-to-it-iveness all along the way.

Source: library

Graphic Novels:
This was a trifecta of amaze-balls graphic novels! Something for every kind of reader.

Cece Bell shares her memories of growing up with hearing loss. I loved how she was able to communicate her feelings. I also appreciated the end note where she shares that each person's experience with hearing loss (or other things) is unique.
Source: Purchased

FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION! If your students aren't already hooked on this series.... it's time to pick them up and get them in front of the kids.
Source: Purchased

Another wonderful memoir by Raina Telgemeier. All kids will eat this one up - whether they experience sibling issues or not.
Source: Purchased

Beautiful novel-in-verse describing Woodson's life as a child. A perfect pairing for civil rights units or even just units learning about families.
Source: Purchased

Saying goodbye to Origami Yoda isn't easy, but this final book in the series was absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what Tom does next!
Source: Purchased

I wasn't as excited about this installment as I have been with MANY of the other Bad Kitty stories. Still, it has a solid tale about Puppy and a good message about adopting animals.
(Comes out in January - I won it from Macmillan in a contest)

What have YOU been reading?

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